Band names?

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Jeremy Bender

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'Velvet Melon'


"Jiggle the Handle"

I sat in on a quartet in Florida years ago called Dave and his Hanging Chads. ( A tribute to the 2000 election debacle)
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I've realized that names of old wrestlers could be coo band names:

Wahoo McDaniel
The Killer Kowalkskis
And for a country rock band: Haystacks Calhoun

No Way Jose

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Well they are going to be landing on Mars so maybe some Martian name.

Mars Rocks
Batteries Are Low
We Like Plutonium
Red Planet

Something like that.


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When I was a teenager we called our band Emanon. No name backwards. My drum teacher had suggested it and the other guys in the band liked it so that was that. I do have to say I'm partial to the name Mothers of Invention or just The Mothers. I've been jamming with a bass and guitar player the past couple weeks, with masks, and one of them brought up the idea of a name. No names thrown around. Personally I think he's jumping the gun a bit. Two jams doesn't necessarily make a band. But of course, now I'm thinking. Haven't come up with anything just yet.


Howdy, I’ve been playing with some people for a while not really making our own music, doing covers from bands (Green Day, Black Sabbath, Nirvana) that kind of stuff but are starting to make our own songs and it’s handy to have a name when we start playing at local places/ doing open mic nights and that stuff. Y’all got ideas?
Are you sitting down?

Ladies and Gentlemen, are you ready for the hottest band in the world? It's . . .


Boom! You're Welcome.


dale w miller

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The three stooges (four, etc.)
The Stickybeats
Whiskey Business
Show me the honey
Fake it easy
Fake it to the limit
The road less travelled
Reinventing the Real
The grapes of froth
The four stooges
Shtick Magnet
Eat around the bush
Up Syndrome
Shock the Boat
The Bees Ankles
Crack the Hip
Chew the Phat
Hit the Jack, Road
New Tricks
Generation Why
Booty and the Beast
Barry the Hatchet
Ear Candy
Ike Andy
Feral Kat
Hair Peace
Map of the Whirled
Odd Squad
Peace by Peace
Pink Freud
Spontaneous Combustion
We Monsier
Barrel of funkies
The great fatsby
Catch 23
Pique Performance
Captain Bash
Tyrannosaurus Wrecks
Blades of Glory/Fury
Cool Brittania
Fool's Gold
Fool's Paradise
Square One
The whole hog
The horse's mouth
In like Flynn
Murphy's Law
Mumbo Jumbo
No brainer
Nip and tuck
Off the Wagon
The gauntlett
Son of a gun
Bees Knees
The Dark Side
Twenty four 7
Vicious Circle
The Young and the Wrestlers
Vicious Circle is a thrash metal band from the late 80’s and is still around today. :)


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China High Tea
Frodo T Baggins
To Be-tles
Han Valen

Oh! And i just remembered a name i suggested for our cover band 'Ziggy Zig and the Stardusters' and the joke would be that we didn't do a David Bowie cover. Was more inspired by a cover band i was in and they needed a small introduction before we came on, so we said 'we're a Slayer coverband, but we don't do any Slayer songs'
Which was hilarious when we were announced:
"Yeah the next band are a couple of friends who describe themselves as a Slayer cover band..."
-couple of loud cheers and yeahs from the audience-
"...but they don't do Slayer conver songs."
-disappointed noises from the ones who cheered a second ago


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Tom Head & the Cym-ballrooms
2B or not 2B (only drummers will get this i think :p)
Ronnie Resonance and the Low Thuds
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