Band names?


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I always wanted to be in a band that got *just* famous enough that we needed fake band names to play smaller shows. Figured they'd be something funny, like Puffy Areolas or Side Boob or Your Uncle Larry, just goofy stuff.

I realize I'm not being very helpful. :)

Jeremy Bender

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'Velvet Melon'


"Jiggle the Handle"

I sat in on a quartet in Florida years ago called Dave and his Hanging Chads. ( A tribute to the 2000 election debacle)
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I've realized that names of old wrestlers could be coo band names:

Wahoo McDaniel
The Killer Kowalkskis
And for a country rock band: Haystacks Calhoun


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Gracious Retreat
Four Male Apology
Vermicious Knids (~Willy Wonka)
Nuttin' Honey
Very Us
Galactic Prophylactic

No Way Jose

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Well they are going to be landing on Mars so maybe some Martian name.

Mars Rocks
Batteries Are Low
We Like Plutonium
Red Planet

Something like that.