Band names?

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No Cover Charge
Free Beer and Wings
Drunk Chicks for Sale
Come In and Receive $50

Basically anything that catches people's attention AND that they will remember.


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Dick-eye dead
Trailer houseflies
Joe Friday
Hourglass the Sun Dial
Dick Van Sphyncter
The Moscow sisters
Bon Jehova
Prolapse the mousetrap
Gap and the Banana Public
“A” Game and his Bogeys
Threesome Stooges
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With so many people 50+ that are out there gigging, how about..

"Get off my lawn!"

There's an 80's cover that I'm standby for called "Raised on ritalin"

If you're a fan of the show "Parks & Recreation" Andy thought "Sex hair" would be a cool band name


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To the OP: whatever band name you decide on, it's a good idea to google it. The name could be taken.

for example:

The three stooges (four, etc.)
The Stickybeats
Whiskey Business - cover band from Texas
Show me the honey
Fake it easy
Fake it to the limit
The road less travelled
Reinventing the Real
The grapes of froth
The four stooges
Shtick Magnet
Eat around the bush
Up Syndrome
Shock the Boat
The Bees Ankles
Crack the Hip
Chew the Phat
Hit the Jack, Road
New Tricks - German rock band/ Australian rock band/ UK cover band
Generation Why
Booty and the Beast
Barry the Hatchet
Ear Candy - cover band in Chicago/ cover band from Oxford, UK/ cover band from Canada...
Ike Andy
Feral Kat
Hair Peace
Map of the Whirled
Odd Squad
Peace by Peace
Pink Freud
Spontaneous Combustion
We Monsier
Barrel of funkies
The great fatsby
Catch 23
Pique Performance
Captain Bash
Tyrannosaurus Wrecks
Blades of Glory/Fury
Cool Brittania
Fool's Gold
Fool's Paradise
Square One
The whole hog
The horse's mouth
In like Flynn
Murphy's Law
Mumbo Jumbo
No brainer
Nip and tuck
Off the Wagon
The gauntlett
Son of a gun
Bees Knees
The Dark Side
Twenty four 7
Vicious Circle - Australian hardcore band/ rock band in Indianapolis/ rock band from Alabama/ "melodic black metal band" from Germany... probably more.
The Young and the Wrestlers


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To the OP: whatever band name you decide on, it's a good idea to google it. The name could be taken.

for example:
Who cares if there is another band with the same name in a different time zone?

For most of us there are other people with the same name and it doesn't cause a problem.


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Would that be the Voodoo Lady Crème Brulee?
You got it.

My band (Mutha Luvin Chimps) were invited to play a completely innapropriate gig a couple of years back at a Conservative Club's Christmas Party. I can only presume the booking agent had never heard us.

Walked into the club...full of families including young children sliding around the floors on their knees Peter Kay style.

So, we quickly knocked together a setlist comprising of 'punk classics' (rather than our usual set list ranting about Tory C****, Jeremy Kyle, and shagging). Lead singer gets up "hi. thanks for inviting us. We're Creme Brule and this is Voodoo Lady....take it away boys"

Voodoo Lady on this occasion sounded remarkably similar to Suspect Device by SLF


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I always wanted to be in a band that got *just* famous enough that we needed fake band names to play smaller shows. Figured they'd be something funny, like Puffy Areolas or Side Boob or Your Uncle Larry, just goofy stuff.

I realize I'm not being very helpful. :)
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