Band meetings


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The manager and her friends cook dinner for us.
For us, it's once / year rather than weekly, but seems like you have a great meal deal!!!!!
Heheh. In all seriousness, I don’t ever recall having an official band meeting to discuss that stuff. Usually stuff like : tempos ,etc is usually discussed during rehearsals.
Of course, individual song tempo's & similar are the stuff of rehearsals or general communication. It's only when there's a wider challenge that it becomes a subject for a meeting.

Our annual (ish) meetings are essentially a review of the previous year, & a mapping out of direction / challenges for the upcoming year. This year was a little different because of the arrival of a new band member. Always good to see what someone's aspirations / expectations are, and see how we can best we can accommodate, as well as leverage new skills in the mix.


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My band meetings consist of me talking to myself in an empty room. Sometimes the dog is there looking at me wondering what all the noise is. I always make the right decisions for the band and everything is an exemplar of harmony and organisation.