Band intro music - a question


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Particularly in the world of metal it's commonplace for bands to have some sort of intro music before they come can add a lot to the opening of a show if it's done properly.

I've recently been making an intro for a band called Lagerstein who will be supporting Gloryhammer on our upcoming Australian tour, and prior to that I did an intro for Alestorm which seems to be very popular based on the reactions I've seen (some examples of that here and here). And of course I did the intro for the Gloryhammer album which we use to open all our shows, Anstruther's Dark Prophecy.

My question is simply this: is there anyone on here in a band who'd be interested in commissioning me to make an intro for them? Or doing orchestral arrangements otherwise? And if so, roughly what might you be prepared to pay for this service (I'm thinking intros rather than the arranging which would probably be negotiable)?

What I generally do is use themes from the band's songs and work them into a sort of overture, but obviously I can do anything people ask if they've got other requirements.
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