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When the songs and beats and fills are "yours", then they can never be "wrong". Instead, those things are just part of your style. BUT, if you are never wrong, it is impossible to learn.

(4 years since picking up sticks whilst juggling family/work, no live gigs so far!) , there is still much to be gained by seeing what happens with this band!
There is much more to be gained playing covers, at first. Learning someone else's drum parts, and experiencing how they go along with the song, will inform your choices as you accompany original material. The mistake many drummers make, is simply learning beats and fills, and not thinking about how those particular choices interact with the other instruments and vocals.
As a (co)writer, you can make the parts as interesting and fulfilling as you want them to be. You're limited only by your imagination and ability.
You're also limited by your vocabulary, and knowledge of the genre. You may think you have come up with something totally original, but to the ears of fans of that genre, you could easily have played something out of date, cliche, or backwards. And you won't realize it.

Again, not saying that you need to quit the band here. But growing your own skills is just as important, and playing covers presents clearly defined goals and challenges.


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The hard truth is that you have no one to blame but yourself if the part is flat and boring, because you have the freedom to make it awesome if you choose.
This is how I try to approach it - if one of the bands I play with comes to rehearsal with what I feel is an uninteresting song, I try to figure out how I can MAKE it interesting. Nowadays, I actually sort of look at it as a license to stretch whichever direction I choose; the only other option is to nix the song, so why not try coming up with a totally unexpected drum part and see if it flies? (Within the parameters of good taste, of course.)

Someone once said to me, 'You're only as bored as you are boring.' I try to incorporate that into my drumming: if I'm bored with a song, it's because I'm not putting enough into my part.

And thanks for posting that, KamaK. Love Bruce Gary and the Knack, that was fun!