Ball Park Price on Used Legacy Maple 3 Piece ?


I'm looking to buy a used 3 piece set of Ludwig Legacy Maple drums (20, 14, 12) and I wondering what is considered a fair price? I want a great sounding kit that is very light for gigging and I've found that 3 ply kits in smaller sizes weigh less. I'm getting old and I don't want to blow all my energy lugging around a heavy kit. I even bought the new Yamaha ultra light aluminums hardware set.

Anyway, I want a great sounding, easy to carry kit like a Gretsch Broadkaster or Ludwig Legacy Maple. The Broadkaster is way too expensive used so I decided on the Legacy Maple. What should I expect to pay? Thanks


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Legacy Maple kits aren't a whole lot cheaper than Broadkasters used. Looking at the SOLD history on Reverb it looks like you're gonna pay somewhere in the ballpark of $1800 to $2200 for a used 3 piece. Not cheap. There's no good reason the Legacy Maple should cost $1200 more new than a new Classic Maple kit. It makes no sense!

Although there is this currently listed in your sizes. It apparently has discoloring on the wrap so it's only $1150 with shipping.

INDe Drums are very light, you should check them out.
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Although there is this currently listed in your sizes. It apparently has discoloring on the wrap so it's only $1150 with shipping.

I saw this kit just yesterday, but it has a 10" rack tom, not a 12.

I couldn't be happier with my Ludwig Classic Maple in Downbeat sizes. Get a set of bags with those, and you're good to go. I don't know how much lighter a set of Legacy Maples would be, but I'd say in the smaller sizes, it may be negligible (never mind the cost savings).


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What are you comfortable spending? Have you called any shops like DCP, Forks...etc? I say call and get quotes for new drums you’re interested because the online prices aren’t reflective of what the shops can sell them for. (Dealer agreements won’t let them advertise below certain points). Don’t expect them to be cheap by any means, but you might find a new set in those sizes for less than you think possible.


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I'm not seeing any used ones out there in that set up, but there are some new ones for 3 grand on up. The classic maple would be much easier to find, has a lot more diverse finishes, and is under 2 grand brand new- used will be a bit cheaper- so that would be a more practical option. Honestly, I dunno how much lighter the Legacies will be, as they are still 1/4" thick shells without the rings, so not that much thinner than the regular shells. At the price of the Legacies you can get a vintage 60's kit (or 70's 3 ply kit, although the downbeat is harder to find in that era), which will be the lightest of them all, as the shells are real thin, and the wood has dried out over 50+ years. I have a '69 20" kick, and it's super light, so maybe go for that if you're cool with used, and a little wear.


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I have owned 3 Ludwig Legacy Classic kits ,
they are not particularly lightweight kits , I would say they are average in weight compared to comparative models from other manufacturers . I also found the tuning range is not particularly large . They tend to favour the lower registers . They choke very quickly when tuned above medium tension . They do have the classic Ludwig thump and if that is what you are looking for these are the drums for you .


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Man, slim pickings on the maple. A 22, 14, 16 for $1,499. A 20, 10. 14 for $1,034. If you want to get this kit anytime soon, you might want to grab the 20, 10, 14 ..... order a 12 from Ludwig and sell off the 10 to offset the price. Otherwise ..... there just aren't any for sale right now.

If playing a Legacy is #1 priority ..... doesn't look like there's much room for haggling.

If weight is #1 priority, take a look at the Yamaha Tour Maple Custom. The 20, 10, 12, 14 new is $1,299.