Bad is Bad

Midnite Zephyr

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Groovin! Where would we be without blues rock? Liked some of the guitar tones in there.
Cool man. This is the simple song I get to play. Yeah we got a new steel string player in the band. He has a lap steel guitar too.

Watso, you're like the only cool dude left on this forum.
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Watso, you're like the only cool dude left on this forum.
Alas, nothing is forever. We have to appreciate each other while things last. The good thing is that while people, and even groups of people come and go, these communities exist and we're all helping each other, not to mention enjoying one another's company from around the world.

If I might wax nostalgic for a moment, it reminds me a bit of bands. Some of the best times of my life were spent in long chunks with my best friends playing music together, but the reality is that they don't all usually last forever. People grow up, or change, and life itself forces these changes on us.

Such is life, right? Cheers, Zeph. Hope you're not looking to be a stranger anytime soon! At any rate, there's still a good amount of kool kats hanging around, with varying activity levels.