Bad Drum Photography


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Low light is the reason for almost any bad pic I take. And my drum room is poorly lit which is why there are so few pics of my kit uploaded. Some idiot thought it was a good idea to install a ceiling fan / light with a pair of tiny 4-watt decorative bulbs.

But speaking of cell phones, my phone takes far better pics than my camera. Even on a tripod that POS takes blurry pics.


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I wonder if someone was using that as a "marching snare" and was too lazy to remove the strap? Of course that's not even close to an actual marching snare, but you never know what people are willing to do with their gear.

I see a lot of those set ups at soccer games, protests, camp sights....and in original 1st line funeral bands from the late 1800's in NoLa


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Someone is selling this snare drum on Facebook Marketplace.

These are the only 3 pictures...





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behold some other real marvels in photograph composition.
1. central subject of pic is where.....?
2. this one makes me feel claustrophobic. Seller: "oh you want to check the drums, they are just over here under this pile of rubble"


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If your camera/phone has a delay, set it for a few seconds, I use three, push the shutter/button and tuck your elbows into your ribs to steady and stand still. Pushing a shutter/button on a light camera/phone can cause it to move.


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