backing tracks


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Does anyone know anywhere were there are any backing tracks for drummers to perform solo's to? As every where I look I can't find any. I don't want song tracks that are famous but tracks like what is used in Jojo Mayers secret weapons dvd on his solos or tracks like the ones featured in Gavin Harrisons dvd that he does solos to. If anyone knows it would be great if you could contact me. Thanks

Jon Cable

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Theres quite an informative thread already on here bro [use the 'search' function], welcome to DW theres only 2 rules here; don't write on the walls and obey all the rules!


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I thought writing on the walls was the whole point...?


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Oh, I see! But in any case I wasn't being entirely serious. I thought that would be a funny pair of rules for a forum.