Back at it and glad


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Hello all.

Played for 10-15 years, then sat idle for years, now back at it.

I'm glad I still have some of the good stuff still between my ears (and can get it to my hands and feet), and its coming back quicker and quicker.

Glad to be part of this forum and looking forward to learning from you all.


Midnite Zephyr

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I see you've come to realize what a joyous and therapeutic activity playing the drums really is. Welcome back. This is a great bunch of people here.


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R..... I've done the same and been on this site for a little while. You'll love it. Now I
started building my own custom set and happier than hell! A lot of helpful people.
Enjoy, Cameron


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Been feelin pretty good.

Say, since I'm a player coming back, I've never encountered this problem:

MY LEFT HAND! Finger control for my left hand has totally left the building. my right hand still has the finger memory, but the left (which did when I played for years)? Bleecccch!

Been working rudiments and even have my practice pad in the team room at work (heh heh heh), but any good exercises/drills out there for ginning up the non-dominant hand?