Back after 20 months of COVID apathy


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When the Covid-19 lockdowns hit and I lost all my gigs, my interest in drums and drumming mostly vanished. I guess without an outlet to play in front of an audience I just didn't care. I think I welcomed the break actually. Didn't miss it for a long time. Did other things. Played guitar, bass and started learning some piano. Anyone else get Covid related drumming apathy?

That said, I'm starting to feel the itch again. I'm not at the gig stage yet. I want to wait for a while longer and see how the pandemic plays out. But I'm starting to miss it and look forward to gigging eventually. I practiced for several hours today and it felt good. I'm a drummer, dammit!

So I'm sure no one noticed I was gone but I'm back. Did I miss anything? :p


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New forum , who dis?

Seriously though, pre-covid I was just wood-shedding once or twice a week but it really dropped off during the first round of lockdowns (guess I was feeling "a bit down" about the whole situation like everyone else in the world).

Wish I'd taken more advantage of the extra practice time but the break was nice too.


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I should say I hope everyone made it through ok but statistically speaking some here are bound to have been negatively affected by the pandemic (including hopefully not but members passing away) in their livelihoods and losing loved ones. My heart goes out to you.


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I was feeling relieved to take a break from gigging. But after a couple months I wanted to jam again. Me and my friends played on my driveway, keeping minimum 6 feet distance from each other. Neighbors loved it, all the venues were shut down. Neighbors came on bicycles to watch the jam.


I had a long period of "what does it matter" when it came to practicing, and I dropped of quite a bit. I did experiment with some recording but without the option for interaction with others, everything seemed pointless. Focused on other things and listened to a ton of new music. For me, music is a social thing. I enjoy playing on my own, but it's the knowledge that rehearsals or gigs are coming up that keeps me going. Things slowly creeping back to not-quite-normal, but better than the last couple years.


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Welcome back bud! Went 19 months without a gig myself. Only missed the money and working with good mates if I'm honest! I really missed the jam night that seems to have gone for good now as it was let my hair down playing and everyone needs that.

I ended up turning my cricket club house into a recording studio and threw myself into that. I found I lost my gig sharpness and it took a month or two to come back.

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I've practiced thoroughly and recorded moderately over the last twenty months but haven't gigged at all.
I recorded & practiced aplenty, but the live gigging didn't start until about 2 months ago. And even those were all outside shows.
I'm fine with it.
I went through a period where I didn't play with other musicians for almost 10 years. But I practiced almost every day so when the time came to play with others, I was ready.