Ba dum tss project :)


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Hello! I invite you to interested a Ba Dum Tss project- which main idea is to interest children from orphanage in playing instruments. A basic thought of the project is to invite youth inexperienced to free drum lessons. I don't care about making them future virtuosos but to give them a way of life or a wa for spending free time in more interesting way than drugs and alcohol

Youtube chanell:


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As a child from an orphanage, this appeals very much to me. What do you want to achieve? How do you need help?


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wants to instill in them the passion. as in I did it my family. do not have to play later on drums. important to find "something for everyone" in life. what you need? publicity, wants to get the best prices on an assortment of percussion, to provide them with top-notch equipment. and companies, unfortunately, at the moment they are not interested in working-ie, we need to get more publicity. :)sorry for my poor English, spoken by an interpreter. :)