B20 puck


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I’ve always wanted a puck of B20 from a cymbal maker before they heat and roll it. But I can never get one. Unless you “know someone” who works at Zildjian/Sabian/Paiste/Meinl, they just don’t let people get them.

I’ve been down the rabbit hole of foundry DIY videos. Guys with their “bucket forge” melting down wire, motor cases etc. and pouring them into molds got me thinking:
Can I cut up some broken B20 bronze cymbals and make them into a puck again?


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Copper melts at 1,984*F.
Tin melts at 449.5*F.

If you cut up a cymbal and melt chunks, the different elements contained within will all melt at different rates. You might end up with a confused mess of liquids. I'm sure there is a way to separate the liquids, I dont have any idea what it is though.

If you want to make a B20 blank, I would think it would be easier to start with pure copper and tin. Then you can be more precise with the mixture.


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Have you tried contacting Sabian? They do custom stuff.


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For a chunk of 20% tin bronze, search for “bell bronze wholesale.”

Have you tried contacting Sabian? They do custom stuff.
I haven’t other than learning you can’t just buy a puck of their alloy.
I do like the advise of doing the copper/tin mix and see what comes out.
Maybe drop a few silver slips in the mix just for good measure.😉