b.o.c ebay!


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any one seen the Premier drum set the Blue Oyster Cult drummer has on ebay ? it's the set he used since 1971, and includes a drum lesson " any where in the world, at his expense" also a cymbal stand given to him by niel Pert...for Rush fans. way too much money for me, but be kind of cool if I won the lotto, I'd do it.


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That's a pretty cool read, in my opinion. He says it does come with a cowbell that was used on stage for many years, but he doesn't say it's the one used in the studio on "Don't Fear The Reaper." If so, that could be a selling point to collectors! LOL

Seems like a cool guy. Wonder why he's selling it?


Yikes thats a lot for 30 dollars worth of used roto toms.


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all the drum stuff I've bought in my lifetime doesn't. even come close to 40 grand..lmao

he must still be trippin in the 70's..lol

"don't. fear the reaper" but fear you bank account..lmao



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They are actually black diamond pearl,not oyster.And Ringo used a Jazz Festival snare,not a supra.I understand this individual has fallen on hard times,but 40 K just isn't realistic.

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I saw them years ago in their "heyday" at Red Rocks in Denver (the best amphitheater there is IMHO). They were famous for their laser light show back then. That was before Will Ferrell made them more famous for their cowbell.


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My boss had the White Slingerland B.O.C kit for years.
Big road case and all.
That was a great sounding kit. Set it up in the shop a few times.
It had a 24, 12-13-14-15-18, 6.5 chrome snare, Could have been a COB.
The 12x15 had a Birdseye interior. Great sounding drum kit.

For 40K, this kit should come with Will Farrell playing cowbell for you.


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Someone please send this guy a message telling he is high as a giraffes ass. Sad I wasted my time looking at this!


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God love this guy, he has clearly done way too many drugs in his life. I'd ask $100 to take it away and put it in a skip where it belongs.