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Can someone give me info about this pedal.

A or X model?
Do I need a hex key?
Any good?
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Looks like it's got the A series footboard, but the X series non-adjustable drive linkage. Most of the adjustments require allen wrenches.

Bo Eder

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Yep - it looks like an A. The X pedals are slightly fatter, but both of them can fly if you know what you're doing.

Get one of those hex key sets that are all in one handle like a pocket knife, then you'll never lose the size you need. Just stash it in the pocket of your cymbal bag.


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It's an old Axis X short board. I say old because the rocker is the old version, the new one finally uses a drum key.
You will need hex keys to adjust things. There is no VDL like there is on the A.


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that VDL makes the pedals so much better. I like mine all the way up. some like the middle. some like em all the way down. It REALLY changes the feel