Axis Sonic hammer mod


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For any one that doesn't like the felt beaters on the Sonic hammers this is what I did.i went to Ace hardware in the furniture section they have rounded Plastic floor sliders called magic sliders.went home ripped the felts off and stuck these on they are the exact same size and made out of hard plastic with a adhesive back they sound alot cleaner and have more punch


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Couldn't youjust remove the felts, then clean any residue off the beater heads? From what I remember you don't have to use the felts at all, but o center they're stuck on there I get it. I haven't even looked at the ones that came with my longboards, in about 17 years. For me it's like pulling an RV with a Ferrari, that's why I use IC beaters on my pedals.


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Is it because the ic's are a heavier beater and when your playing fast it gives you more pedal feel and punch.inertia


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You can use Microsoft paint to make the pictures smaller, just go to resize, and select pixels, save as jpeg


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IC beaters are very light. Sonic hammers are the RV, Axis pedals being are the Ferrari in my saying above.
I use the Iron Cobra beaters on my DW5k’s and it was night and day in terms of feel.
I don’t like those dual “ice cubes” DW sends with their pedals, and the IC’s fit perfectly.