Axis Pedal Issue


I just recently got a used Axis double Pedal - like the one in the pic. I like it very much. However, the right pedal keeps detaching from the footboard. I tightened it up once w/ an Allen wrench but it keeps coming loose. Anyone else have this problem?

There is a small screw (actually two - one on each side) that runs horizontally and is not very long and doesn't seem to tighten into the footboard very well. You can't see it from the pic but it is underneath the and to the left of the footboard where you can see the screw below the 'U' on 'USA' - that is where mine comes loose. It resides in the small rectangular base underneath the footboard. The one underneath the 'A' of 'USA' doesn't come loose.


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Les Ismore

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Although not the exact pedal , the screw is similar to this.

That 'is not' the screw you want to mess with, that screw is for the heel hinge play.

if not the top screws you can see on the foot board, turn the pedal over the screws you're looking for are hidden under velcro.