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For those of you with the additional spring on the slave pedal tower, how are you configuring the three springs? Or more specifically, how are you using them to get the best rebound and feel in the slave?

If I understood him correctly, I thought Derek Roddy said he uses the two heavy springs on each pedal (as if two single pedals) and the lighter spring on the master pedal connected to the slave beater (where a conventional slave spring usually goes).

But then I've seen others who use both heavy springs like you normally would (and don't bother to use the lighter spring, i.e. no spring assembly attatched on the slave pedal tower.

Here is Derek explaining the springs on his signature pedal at (starts at 5:30)


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I have em. didn't use the little spring

with the 3rd spring the slave gets way to tight...

if you use the slave spring you cant have the two main springs at the same tension.


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Derek said he keeps the light spring really loose. I would imagine the left heavy spring is looser than the right, then the extra light spring is used to equalize them. I'm looking forward to trying this, I have a feeling you could possibly all but eliminate any sense of slave pedal feel (there's hardly any to begin with though) by having spring tension at both ends of the shaft.

The new pedals (sabres) should be here Tuesday :D


I had the Vector pedal with 3 micro tune spring setup. I had to have both of the slave side springs loose or it just got too much tension imo. I even took a slave spring off at one point. I went back to mainly using my Axis A21 Laser pedal with the standard springs. I am not sure I really like the micro tune spring assembly either. it seems to affect the feel of the pedal and the spring looked shorter because of the area required for the micro-tune. Not sure if I will try Micro-tune on my Laser pedal.


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I wasn't happy with the feel of the additional spring. Took the spring off the slave pedal and placed it in the traditional position at the beater. Pedals feel perfect now.

I can only assume the 3-spring config is for people who mostly play two single pedals but want to quickly/easily run the double setup. With the spring in place, the slave pedal is ready to rock as a single, but the spring in that location doesn't feel right in double pedal mode so the additional light spring helps make it feel good enough for occasional double pedal playing.

My advice if you're playing only double pedal: throw the light spring in your spare parts bag and move the slave spring over to the main pedal where it normally goes.


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both springs on slave side had to be set looser than the main pedal for me.
Definately true, otherwise you have more tension than the master pedal. I tried a variety of settings on the slave springs but none could match the super light feel of the standard configuration (one spring).

With the 2 slave springs (one small + one normal), even though the beaters sway at the same speed, the tension on the slave increases too much just before impact. With a single slave spring the tension feels more uniform from beginning to end of motion, like the master pedal.

I'm absolutely thrilled with how the pedals feel now using a typical spring setup (no 3rd spring).
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