Axis Footboard problem

I need suggestions on how to fix my axis a-l2 slave pedal/footboard from hitting the screw that connects the hoop clamp to the pedal.... Setting the variable drive lever closest to the middle or towards the foot instead of away from the foot relieves the problem, but it changes the feel from where I want it to be. The right main pedal does not have this problem at all which is really annoying lol.

Adjusting the spring tension does not help, you would think that raising the footboard would help but I do not want to change this/believe that with a $580 pedal that this shouldn't be a problem at all!! Need some advice!!!


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well the first thing i would have said is ajust the foot board but you seem against this. perhaps move the beater a bit more towards the skin and it will hit the skin before the footboard bottoms out.


This is very easy to fix. Get an appropriately sized allen wrench and loosen up the two allen bolts in the brass coupler on the drive shaft. Once they are loosened a bit, you can rotate the left pedal's footboard upward a bit until you get enough clearance and then lock the allen bolts back down again. be careful with how much pressure you tighten these allen bolts as you do not want to strip the threads out.

For $580 the pedal should play itself, but it is way more fun if you play it! :)