Axis EKit cabling question


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Anyone using a splitter or Y-cable to run two pedals into a single input? Would a typical 1/4 TRS Y-cable work?

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I do it with my TM-2 for my kicks. I use Ddrum triggers, so one trigger gets a Ddrum cable, and the other trigger gets an XLR to 1/4" TRS cable. That way each kick still has it's own adjustability independent from the other.
Not knowing how ekits are wired, it might work.


You will need to make that stereo jack into a mono, otherwise you'll only get one of the triggers to work. There are stereo female jack to mono male adapter plug/-cables available.


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best to use both ports in the tm2. that way your retrig cancel can be set higher and less chance of double triggers...

although, doing heel toe i have 2 hits quite close together often so I keep mine low.. If you don't do fast doubles id suggest both ports 100%

also... 2 triggers, most likely different sensitivity and you will need different settings.