Axis caliber x, or trick dominator


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Hello. I am new here so sorry if this question has been asked

axis recently came out with the caliber x pedal, its basically a x model but with 3 micro tune tensioners, george kollias signature beaters,and its black. Has anyone had any expirence with it? I think they also got rid of all the allen keys but could be wrong about that.
Or second option, trick dominators. I know it will be a win with either. Are theyre any big differences is how they play? Is heel toe easier on one or the other?

thanks alot :p


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I think the only differences between the Caliber X and most other Axis pedals are the micro tune you mentioned and that they don’t have a variable drive lever.
I’m not sure how the Trick Dominators vary from the other trick pedals other than they use less material to make them.

In my opinion heel toe should be just as easy on one as the other. There will be an adjustment period when switching to any different pedals.
I would be careful and find a way to try out Trick pedals before you buy them. A lot of people seem to dislike the compression spring that they use.