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I was fortunate enough to take a private lesson with Jim Riley yesterday. Jim is touring with Rascal Flatts and spent his day teaching at my local drum shop. I didn't get to attend the show last night but I hear it was killer! In addition to conducting a master class, Jim was available for a few private lessons and I was quick to sign up.

It was a great experience. I knew Jim was a fine player but I learned what a great teacher he is as well. Having a chance to spend some time with him talking and playing drums and picking the brain of someone who has made it big in super-competitive Nashville was something I found very inspiring. Jim is not only a talented pro but he's a really nice guy, too. We even got to talk Ludwig drums, which was a lot of fun. Jim is a Ludwig endorser, and so am I, Ludwig just doesn't know it yet. :)

At the end of the day, I walked away learning some new things and getting some salient advice from one of the big names in the business. It was worth every penny, and then some. I really just wanted to share this with everyone. I'm kinda buzzing over the whole thing still!


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Wow that's cool. Where was he at? It's verey cool to get a lesson/tips, etc... from guy's like that. Was his "system" easy to understand?

I head nothing about it, or I would have done it, at least the master class. Dang.

I know Dave Northrup (Nashville guy, frmr Travis Tritt drummer) and he's done clinics and lessons at H&B a couple times. Dave's a great guy. If you get a chance to get with him when he's in town, it's well worth it.


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Hey, Karl. It was up at Joe's shop.

And yes, it was easy to understand. We set up two kits in the teaching studio so we could both play at the same time.

I will keep an eye out for Dave. Thanks for the tip!


I can't say I've ever heard any of Jim's work but getting advice from a player you respect only ever does you good.

There is definitely a difference, however, between a player that can play and a player that can play and teach. I have no doubt that you would've garnered more from your lesson that I would've had regardless of Jim's teaching, but having a great teacher that's been there and done it helps put a real perspective on things. 8Mile, you've always struck me as somebody that knows what they're talking about and it's great that you had such a positive experience with somebody that you respect.