Avril Lavigne - Complicated


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Great! Nice set-up and good beats. I agree with Trigger that fewer fills and cymbals would benefit your version. Imagine if the groove is the cake and fills and cymbals are the frosting--you have a lot of frosting on your cake, in my opinion. It is fun to do that sometimes but I suggest you tone it down if you play it with a band. Keep it up!


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I am working hard to improve, any suggestions welcomed.

Nice playing! I also saw your recording of Sign of the Gypsy Queen and always love playing that song too. Keep it up!

Cru Drums

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The playing is fine, but the mix is bugging me, your toms are clipping like crazy. Turn everything down so you're not distorting.
Thanks so much! I am always working on my mixing skills and will take your comment into account next cover. I am getting an upgraded mic set soon so maybe that will help some.


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Solid timing, but as others have said, reign in the cymbals and mini-fills. I don't think you played two bars of rhythm back-to-back without a cymbal hit or a tom, and - speaking from experience - it's a hard habit to get out of! I blame Tré Cool for my over-crashing when I was younger....

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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Be aware of the song structure and being conscious of where you fill and why.

This is a straight pop song, so in general a crash is to mark a new section and a fill is to set up that crash unless it's part of a constant groove in a section.

Listen to the original. Memorizing and copy completely is a good exercise in itself. Ask yourself why the drummer played what he played. There are sections with different dynamics and a constant build. That's the skill you want to aquire. There are many ways to make that your own, but the idea is to look for what the song and each section needs to work.

Adding a little spice when you do a live version is normal, but that doesn't mean constant fills either. It may actually be more challenging keeping time when things are more open and there's a break here and there instead of a fill.