Automatic Drum Tuner

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How's it going! My name is Alex, and I am the co founder of a McMaster University startup company. We made a prototype device that automatically tune a drum into perfect pitch. We are doing some market research and wondering if you would like to check out the prototype.

The current prototype is able to accommodate 6 lug drums with size of 10' to 18'. And user can customize the tuning setting (overall pitch of the drum and pitch of each individual lugs). We are still figuring out a way to accommodate drums with different lugs. But six lug system covers most popular tom drums.
Here's a demo video for the first prototype: We are working on a second prototype and would love you to try it! Please connect me with your questions,opinions and suggestions of this product and for a chance to win 1 of 4 $50 Long Mcquead giftcards!
Thank you for your time!


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Interesting idea, tuning the fundamental. But what are you doing to “clear the lugs” to tune the harmonics?

Btw ... most drums 14” and larger use 8 lugs
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