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Hey guys/gals, I'm going to be in Austin from mid May to mid June and I wanted to see if there were any cool places to go to see some live music. I'm 20 so I can't get into bars, but if you guys know of anywhere to go I would greatly appreciate it. Also if you know of any "must do" activities in Austin please share!

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Not a lot of love for Austin...

I have a similar thread in the Off Topic section and it got 1 response.

I went for a week, first advice that I'll give you, especially if you're driving is to watch out for the deer. Seriously.

I don't recall any venues by name that really stand out in my mind but the best bet if to get yourself a copy of the local newspaper, the kind that is geared at young people. Here in Phoenix its the "New Times", every bog town has one. They list all the local going-ons in the town.

Also this website:

IIRC they note the shows that are all ages. Have fun and make one of your 21+ friends drink a Lone Star beer for me.