Auralex Hovermat?

Les Ismore

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Its on Youtube here. Crapy vid BTW, "... contact your SWEETWATER sales 'engineer'." SWEETWATER'S sales people are engineers?

$300 for a drum rug? Ok

4x6? Too small IMO

5x6 min

Jeff Almeyda

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Their claim of decoupling for this rug is bunk. There is no way that a simple rug can do that to any reasonable degree. And then to charge 3 bills for it...

I used their Platfoam and made my own riser for my home studio which did a decent job of decoupling from the floor.


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A relatively inexpensive way to make a decoupled riser is to get two sheets of plywood or MDF and a bunch of tennis balls. Cut matching holes in the sheets that are a bit smaller than the tennis balls, place the balls in the holes, cover with matching top sheet. You can then place a thin rug or other fabric over the top and down the sides, stapling in place, or use zip ties to hold it together.

A bunch of people over at have built them. Here's a video:


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$300 sounds rather high. I'm surprised they haven't priced themselves out of the market with this price.

Because there are still plenty of gullable drummers with deep pockets and plenty of greedy, P.T.Barnum type busness men out there.There is, as Barnum said,"a sucker born every minute",even in this "information age",there's plenty of people that MUST have the latest tech,to remain cool in their own mind.He once bought hundreds of cases of canned white salmon,which he didn't know at the time, were white as oppose to the more popular an common pink salmon.He sold the salmon with the catch phrase,"guaranteed NOT to turn pink in the can",and sold them all.The man could sell ice to Eskimos..

Today,why do you think people wait on line,sometimes for days,to get the latest "I" phone.?Laughable at best,and certainly gullable.

Steve B