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Does anyone know of an interface that is less than $300 and is able to record each channel separately onto the computer (with at least 4 channels)? I want to be able to EQ each channel separately once they're on the computer. I'm looking for something along the lines of the Presonus Firepod, but less expensive. Any suggestions?

And while I'm here, what's a good snare mic that isn't too expensive and that I'll be able to clip onto the rim? (as opposed to putting it on its own stand).



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Audio interface costs don't seem to have come down and I would have thought the std 2 channel AI would now be a 4/8 channel. But they're not. Have you thought of a 8-channel mixer instead and then just sending a stereo mix back to your PC via USB?



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I went through the same excercise a while back and unfortunately they all start at around the price level of the Firepod you've mentioned if you want them on seperate channels and to be able to put different EQ's on them. In the end I bought a Focusrite Sapphire 40 which I'm really pleased with.

I've posted a link to a thread I started going back a while asking pretty much the same question, if you're new to it you migh find the site useful for other querys you may have as well.

I bought a cheapish set of microphones but didn't like the mount it came with so bought some of these which allow better positioning and am able to get the mic out of the way.


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tascam usb 1641

Flawlessly records 8 mic inputs and 6 line in's

The unit is unbeat for it's inputs to price and quality IMO
Flawless 24bit recording, nice preamps.

Bo Eder

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Second the Tascam thingy. I owned one a while back and it was great. Not so great was finding out that my computer wasn't powerful enough to handle eight incoming audio signals and latency ensued. So I left that behind and went standalone.

On your second request, Shure makes a rim-mount mic holder that you can use for popular regular mics like the SM57 and SM58, that's what I use. I like regular mics that I can use for alot of other things besides the drums. Great marketing by those mic companies though with their mics for drums only.


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Check the M-Audio web site.
I would normally second this, but recently I have been having nothing but trouble with my firewire 410 since updating to whatever the most recent OS was. I just about went crazy trying to find workarounds, but the fact is that M-Audio hasn't some up with a software update yet.

If you run a PC, then M-Audio should be good to go. If you run a mac, then check online to make sure it works with your OS before you purchase.