Audio help for a talent show


My 6 year old son is going to play drums in an upcoming talent show and I need help. He is going to cover 7 Nation Army by the White Stripes. Actually, is the same song but an instrumental only version by The Rock Heros. Anyway, he is only given 2 minutes but the song is about 4 minutes or more. I have the song on my iPod but I can't figure out how to cut the song down to the 2 minute section I want and then put it on disc so I can hand it over to some grade schooler running the sound equipment. I need to make it as simple as possible. I don't think the audio equipment the school has (circa 1904) is capable of using the iPod but does have a CD. What do I do here?

Thanks in advance.



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Cutting a song down shouldn't be too hard if you'll download some free audio editing software. Audacity is a really cool program - it's free and has a lot of features. After you edit the song, you can export it in different audio formats, and then burn it on to a CD. I can help you out with it if you'll send me a private message.


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you can also see if the school has a cassette deck and get a cassette deck to 1/8 inch converter, most schools have one, if not any highschooler with a car that they are incapable of changing out the soundsystem on will have one. this will let you hook an ipod right up to the system, as far as cutting the song down i do suggest audacity its a great program and its simple to use.