Audimute - real-world review?


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Hi all -

I'm not trying to beat a dead sound-proofing horse, but I've been searching for someone who has real-world experience with Audimute Peacemaker. There are numerous discussions in which opinions are offered but I have yet to see anyone who's actually used the product weigh in.

Here's the deal: I have a 10x12 room. One wall is adjacent to the garage, another to a room in the house, one to a hallway, and one exterior wall. The floor is a concrete slab, it's an attic above the ceiling.

I already know about leaks at doors, windows, outlets, and ventilation so have solutions there. I'm not trying to absorb sound or improve acoustics, I have solutions for that, too. My main goal is to block sound from escaping to the outside world, or at least reduce it to levels the neighbors can tolerate (the closest being at least 50' away). I'm less concerned about noise in the house itself. My son and I are drummers, and my wife is used to the racket.

My intent is to to cover the walls and ceiling with 3.2mm Audimute Peacemaker, which would cost $1k, and then drop 5/8 drywall on top of it. Let's assume any leaks are dealt with.

Anyone have any experience with something similar using Peacemaker?



No experience with the Audimute product, but I'm guessing its sound control value comes from isolating the sheetrock from the studs/joists. If you're hanging new sheetrock on your walls and ceiling, you might do better in terms of noise reduction for dollars per square foot invested by making sure your wall / ceiling insulation is good, and hanging the sheetrock on what's called a "resilient channel," sometimes known as a "hat channel." They're not too expensive and can usually be purchased for a small incremental cost from your sheetrock supplier. They provide some isolation to the sheetrock which helps with sound control in tandem with insulation. If you have insulation contractors in your area, see if one of them might be able to sell you some material - you'll probably get a better price than at the big box hardware stores. Fiberglass batts are probably the most cost effective for what you're wanting to do. Then ask your sheetrock guy about hat channel. That Audimute stuff says $0.80 per SF? You could probably do fiberglass insulation + hat channel behind your sheetrock for half that, and get the same if not better results.

See this link for food for thought.


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Thanks for the info. Something I neglected to mention in my original post is that we haven't played drums in the house or neighborhood the room I referred to is in.

I had a great recommendation from a friend of mine. He suggested not going nuts with soundproofing right off the bat, but talk to the neighbors first and get them involved. Play the kit in the unsoundproofed room and ask them how bothersome it is. Then, depending on their answer, soundproof accordingly.

So, if they say it's not so bad as long as we keep practice hours reasonable, then minimal soundproofing is necessary and I don't have to spend a bundle. If they're horrified, it's time to rip off the drywall and get serious. My guess is that I'll wind up somewhere in the middle.

We'll soon find out, I guess.