Audacity or Zoom H2 help (splitting L and R channels?)

Grace :)

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Apologies in advance, I'm not really used to using Audacity or recording and don't know much about the program. So sorry if I'm asking a stupid question.

I'm using a Zoom H2 recorder to record my electronic drum kit, when I transfer the recorded files into Audacity this is how the track looks:

Thats exactly what it looks like when I open a recording from the H2 recorder, am I right in assuming that this is the left and right channel that is being shown on two different 'lines' in Audacity?

Is it possible to split the track into the left channel and the right channel and save them as two seperate files?

Thanks for your help :)


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Easy. Just click on the little tab at the top of the track which has the name of the track on it, in this case "STE 001" or whathaveyou. Then there will be a little drop-down menu. One of the options should be "split stereo track". Then if you want to save them as seperate files the likeliehood is that you want each one as a mono recording rather than just in the left or right channel. So to do this, click on that menu again and click "mono" for both tracks. Then you can save each track as an audio file if you select each track in turn, go to the "file" menu and click "export selection as WAV/mp3".