Attention all raw bell dry ride owners...


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I owned the AA and HH RBDR and the Bash Ride, all at the same time. I liked all of them, but ended up selling or trading them off. The main reason wasn't the sound, but because of the bell. I prefer the Rock Ride style bell...which is how I have ended up w/ 2 Zildjian Sweet Rides -and they are completely diff't animals from the RBDR (no one in my band noticed I changed rides cymbals).
I had an AAX RBDR for a bit but I didn't care for the dry aspect of the sound, so I sold it.


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I own both a AA and HH RBDR. I feel like the AA is dry, shrill and kind of lacking character compared to the AAX, which I wish I would've held out for, but the deal on the AA was too good to pass up.


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I have a HH RBDR, it's one of my all time favourites. For me, hand hammered rides are the only way to go, but that's personal preference. The HH has an awesome bell sound, just everything about it is perfect [For me].


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What I like about my Bash Ride is the tone. It has that perfect tone that I know when I hear it. Peace and goodwill.