Attack Drumheads have re-branded and re-launched


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Maybe I'm late to the party, but since Universal Percussion (Attack's former distributor) sold to Cardinal Percussion, they have since relaunched. About six months ago, all the Attack information I was finding was outdated and couldn't buy them online anywhere.

In the past, I had tried some Attack drum heads. I always liked them. They were easy to tune and stayed in tune. I used the one ply Coateds (their version of an Ambassador/G1) and was always happy with them. The main reason I didn't use them very often (or stopped using them altogether) was because they were not readily available. Virtually no physical store carried them, and finding them online was tough sometimes. The best thing about them was the price. They were always significantly cheaper than Remo or Evans. I think some of the materials were made in the US, but I believe they were manufactured and assembled in China, hence the price difference.

I like the new logo and the new lines of products. Looks like they still have Eric Singer, but the Terry Bozzio and Charlie Adams signature heads are gone. I used some of the Bozzio heads at one time and I liked them as well. Those Orbit 2 bass drum heads are a very interesting design that honestly makes sense. They have a unique look too! They have some unique products that no one else offers (The Baron, and the Orbit 2 for example).

Here's hoping the new line is successful and I look forward to trying them (also hoping their prices are still lower than Remo/Evans). Any other Attack users or fans out there? Anyone going to try the new lines?


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I used to use them as resos like 20-25 years ago. Their price was for sure the selling point. I've never tried one as a batter.


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I'm a sucker for interesting bass drum heads, so I'll be trying an Orbit 2 sometime in the near future for sure.

I'm glad to see that the actual Mylar heads live on even if the Bozzio partnership has ended. I like their regular film for reso heads but it dents a lot faster than typical drumhead films.


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I thought Attack was gone for good. Glad to see they're back.

Not sure I'd ever buy Attack heads, but more competition is always good for the industry.