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In another thread wildbill mentioned he is not happy with the performance of the Ludwig atlas arch tom mount due to the main connection, where the mount attaches to the rod, slipping.

Although I’ve never had it happen while playing, it did once when I accidentally leaned against it, causing the tom to contact the kick drum.

The clamp that goes around the rail is a single piece with an outer piece that clamps it against the rail. I think this is an inferior design compared to a simple clamshell type clamp.

Today I was trying to figure out how to secure it better. I tried a few layers of tin foil under the clamp, but since the rail is slotted along the length, it didn’t add enough grip to make it more solid.

Then I tried a piece of shrink wrap rubber with a piece of plastic cable tie inside, put inthe four gaps around the rail. This actually firmed it up to where I am satisfied, but isn’t the most elegant solution :).

So I think I’m gonna try to find some 3/4” rubber tube that’s a bit thicker than the shrink wrap, but will still allow the main piece of the clamp to pass over (snugly) and I’m thinking that will do it. I also think that black will look better and the tube will fill the whole keystone cutout.

I know this isn’t a major newsflash, but just thought I’d share in case any else is having an issue with this.


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I ended up buying bigger shrink wrap, and cutting it to the width I wanted, then wrapping around the bar. I pulled it tight, then secured it with electrical tape.

Then I slid the clamp over, adjusted to where I wanted it, and tightened it down.

It’s now as rock solid as all the other connections, and I think that having the background of the keystone logo blacked out looks better anyway.


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While I was at it I also cut down my kick mounted cymbal arm by about 4.5 inches, and mounted it exactly where I wanted it. That required drilling a couple holes, but now it’s in the perfect spot.?


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That looks very clean and nice. I like that nothing more than the lugs are holding the mounts. Gives it a very custom and classy look. Dropping two stands would be great. Gretsch needs to do that. I do like the Atlas stuff I’ve seen. Very nice designs and now that you solved the tom mount issue, it’s a home run!