At what age did you start drumming?


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When I was ten, I started on a snare drum. At age twelve I got a "stencil" type drum set. I am now 63. Peace and goodwill.

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I started playing the drums on an every day basis around 9 years old. But here is something to think about. I was in my mom's tummy while my Mom and Dad were on the bus traveling the country with the Ted Fio Rito Band. My Mom was a singer and my Dad was the drummer. So before I was born, I was picking up the musical vibe from a bus full of musicians and the rhythmic movements of the bus........ LOL

H W JIM and you were taking notes !


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I started sometime in my toddler years 2-3 ish in early mid 80s, would drum to my dad putting on rock concert betas and vhs tapes.
Roughly 35 years and by no means consider myself good, I’ll go as far as decent lol.

I now have a twin nieces who are toddlers and there’s one who is intuitive like I was at her age. She knows what drumsticks are, does the crossover, hits different things for effect, and the like. This was before I had seen her, she never seen me play especially at that young age. Living hours away I didn’t get to see the twins until recently, on the phone my brother would tell me, drum wise I think she’s going to be just like you, I didn’t realize the degree but when I saw it, I was tickled pink in her development.
Now I jam to her through face time and she gets giddy, while sitting to watch me play to her.


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OMG I can see conception now Larry. In my best Walter Cronkite voice "And YOU were there!!".


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I took the items I had available to me, the placenta, the umbilical cord...I tried my best, but drumming in liquid...there's a lot of resistance!
I imagine the difficult “cord” changes and “womb” ambience were a major influence on your playing? :unsure:


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Started taking lessons at 13 or 14 from a local high school student. But I had to practice on my mother's Tupperware for a year to prove to them I was going to stick with the instrument before they would allow actual drums in the house.


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Started two years ago at age 50. Since then I’ve played in several churches, I’m in two bands, played at least 10 different venues and my wife got to see me play live. I’ve exceeded my highest expectations and hopefully still have a long way to go. And for that, especially today, I’m thankful.


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We would go to our local abattoir to harvest umbilical arteries from fetal cows for a research project-along with rental arteries and carotids. Thats was interesting but on days where they were rendering-boiling all the stuff not used it was awful. Changes in transition in fetal circulation was an areas I always wanted to pursue (closure of ductus arterioles)-did a bunch of research and planned experiments but never had to chance to pursue it because lamb is the most used model and didn't have access to lamb. Fun times at the slaughterhouse.


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Started in grade school at 11, played until I was 20. Life got busy and I picked it up again at 56. Still don’t play enough....?


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Ha! That's the logical assumption, but it was a classic Remo pad, the kind I still use. Starting on a Remo pad has a lot to do with why I've always used Remo heads.

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Stupid me for not making this Remo connection.

It however makes a lot of sense to me as well:
I started only last April (at 39, to stay in topic) and I have an Imperialstar still with its original heads. Having a real feel and also Evans mutes, when the time comes to change heads, I'm expecting internal struggles to go for Remo or Aquarian!


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Stick touch at 7. Formal lessons at 13.


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I was given a kit (from an adult relative who had upgraded) when i was about 7 or 8. I played very little, grade school band thru grade 5. When I moved to the junior high for grade 6, my band director (same woman as in the previous school) wanted to move me to the brass section, as she had plenty of drummers and not enough brass players. And she knew I had an aptitude for it.

Never played again till my senior year in high school, when I would mess around on the kit during breaks in jazz band practice. Shortly thereafter, my best friend announced to me that he was going to learn bass guitar. I said "great, I'll play drums so we can start a band". Which we did.

I stopped playing in my early 20's, and didn't pick it back up till my late 40's. Starting in your 40's doesn't have to be a challenge. Having an open mind and open ears matters the most. Have fun!

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Officially started at age 9 with a $25 used Ludwig snare and Zildjian hi-hats. My parents got tired of me cutting up all their plastic trash cans and adding "mounts" to them demolished their paper paper supply (for cymbals). Got a Stewart 5-piece kit at age 11.
I started at 49, three years ago. I practice every day and love it! I have done some jamming and performances as well as practice so I have been lucky in that regard.

I did play guitar (and occassionally bass) for 30 yrs prior so I understood music well enough to know how to start (at least) on the drums.

Interesting I never learned to read and write music when I played guitar but am doing so now on the drums. It has been a revelation! :cool: