Assistance in id'ing a Pearl Marching Snare


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One of my minor hobbies (when I have time/$$$) is to go thrift store shopping/yard sales. Usually I come away empty handed. Usually. Today, at a store, hiding under a dresser, was a red drum. AFter picking it up (and almost throwing my back out in the process due to the weight) was a red Pearl Marching snare. Aaaaaaaaand that is all I know about it. Quick report on it:
The bad: Needs new batter head, to be cleaned and painted. Maybe new snares? More on that

The good: ALL hardware is present and accounted for.

I did some googling, but I don't really see any way of id'ing the snare. Other than serial number, it has no other id marks. Figured I'd ask here and maybe get pointed in the right direction. Like at least what era/year/decade this one hails from.

The snare side head seems almost new. It's a Ludwig Weatherking of some kind, and it is in extremely good shape. I'll probably leave it on there. The snares.... Errrr, I am not sure. I am used to metal snare wires. These things look like... lawnmower line, but thicker. One strand was broken, so I cut it off. The rest seem to be straight and in good shape. Strainer system seems to be working ok (works smoothly, at least). Haven't messed with adjustments yet. I think the mount you use to hook the drum to the vest/belt/whatever is missing a screw/bolt...but as seeing I wont carry that huge thing on account of weight, it's a non issue. That strainer is the most massive thing I have seen on a snare, though. Looks like you use things like that to anchor ships to the pier or something...

The ugly: clean up. I don't know if the original paint went bad, or if some yahoo tried to paint it. I think if I remove all that paint, she should be good. The wrap on the shell is in rather good shape. PLus it matches my Ludwig Rockers II well, so no incentive to remove it ;)

Oh, the most important thing: it is LOUD and it sounds SOOOOOOOO good!!

Total cost: $25

And as a tangential point: how do people march with these things on???? I thought my Ludwig Epic Brick was heavy, but this one made the Brick feel like an Acro...

And now, for the drum porn!



My high school got a new set of marching snares exactly like that one around 1999 or 2000 (except ours were black, not red). Not sure how long that generation of marching snares had been out when we got them, but yours could be at least 13 years old. As for ID, I don't think Pearl really made different lines of marching equipment like they do with drum sets, I think it's just the one line of marching drums that gets updated every few years. The bracket mounts to a harness with supports at the player's hips and shoulders that distributes the weight. They're not light, but they're meant to be carried around football fields by 15-25 year old dudes in the summer and fall. You practice with them on during the summer almost all day long and you just get used to it. Helps mitigate that all that youthful energy. I believe it is a free floating shell with 12 lugs meant for ultra-high tension on kevlar heads. I remember the drum keys we used to tune them with had handles that measured probably 8" or 10" from end to end. The snares are a synthetic simulation of gut snares. I would guess that the shell is birch, but I really have no idea. Those are tough drums built to withstand teenage guys throwing them around bleachers and buses, so that's why the hardware is so heavy-duty. $25 sounds like a really good price, even though yours is not in great cosmetic shape. New I think they would have been like $400 or something. You sound like you are not very familiar with marching drums -- if you've never seen a really good field drum line, do yourself a favor and look up any of the DCI corps on Youtube - Cadets, Blue Devils, Santa Clara, etc. There ought to be clips of the drum line features they do.


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After reading your post, I narrowed it down to a Pearl FFX marching snare. And no, not familiar with marching snares at all. Figured for the price, it'd be a nice toy to play with. Maybe work on my rudiments on it, too.


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Definitely got a steal there!!
If you want you could find some new MARCHING heads for it, clean it up a little to an extent, and you could probably sell it on cragislist or Ebay for like 150 or 200 bucks. Good way to make a quick profit. Usually drumline kids are looking for marching drums for themselves so they can practice. Especially around now since rehearsals start right around now, but a great find!!