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Hey everyone, I'm brand new to the forum, and I'm looking into getting my first drum kit. I've been playing the guitar and double bass for a few years now, but have decided drumming is definitely something I want to try out.

My main issues are currently volume control, as my parents aren't too keen on the idea of having a drum set in the basement, and which kit to purchase. I've read a few buying guides online, but I still can't seem to make a decision. I'm looking to get a kit that isn't a piece of crap, but also won't break the bank either. Looking to spend in the $400 - 600 range.

If anyone can give me recommendations on volume control, and purchasing my first kit, that would be greatly appreciated!

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You can do a search on this forum and find a hundred threads about which kit to buy for around $400 to $600. You'll get answers from every angle.

If you think a 400 to 600 dollar e-kit is the solution, think again. Most of the e-kits in that range are pure crap. Besides soundproofing the basement, your best bet might be to get a cheap kit with mesh hybrid heads. It will cost you a bit for the heads, triggers and brain, but you can always use your kit as an acoustic kit too just by changing the heads. Hybrid cymbals are also available from Zildjian. Something to think about.
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