ASIO Audio Drivers - Source?


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Hi Everyone!

I am in the process of putting together a modest recording system for my electronic and acoustic drums. I would like to use an older laptop I have sitting around to start: what I don’t want to do is make a large investment in equipment only to discover the whole thing is too much trouble.

I need an ASIO driver for the PC to give it the best chance to work. The latency check I ran with the existing sound card revealed some occasional variations which would present problems.

Where is the best place to get this driver? I did some searching last night and found many sites with free downloads but the McAfee utility was telling me that they might have viruses and other nasties. Even ASIO 4ALL didn’t pass the test. I am a little gun shy as I downloaded a RAR archive extraction utility several weeks back from what appeared to be a trusted source and it came along with some malware that took me several days to purge from another, older PC that is not a candidate for this work.

Any suggestions? Is McAfee overreacting and ASIO 4ALL a safe download?

Thanks - Croc


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Thanks for the response wildbill!

I saw that CNET had this when I was searching and I received the same message from McAfee advising there were viruses attached when I began to download the file so I aborted.

I did some further searching and found postings on various fora a few years back with others running into the same issue.

Check out the link below. Softonic used 24 different virus scan utilities and swears they all came back clean. I guess I'll try from this site and see how it goes!