As requested. 3 New Online Video lessons

Phil Maturano

Hi Cats. Well they are finally done. According to stuff you guys requested I have made the following clips.

The Rhythmic Pyramid in Jazz - Developing your Jazz phrasing and vocabulary at all tempos (Video, mp3 and pdfs)
Groups of 5 using 16th notes. - Specialty phrasing and vocabulary for funk, Jazz, Latin etc. (Video and pdf)
Getting a Real Samba Feel - A series of exercises to expand your hearing and learn to play Samba with the proper feel. (Video and pdf)

All videos are about 1/2 hour in length.

You can watch previews here.

I sincerely hope to help people with these. Thanks for checking them out. There will be a continued series of these. If anyone has more topic requests please send them on over.

Paul Quin

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fantastic stuff! Thanks for all you do on behalf of the community of drummers. Keep practising and they may let you on "expert village"!



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Looks great Phil. If I may ask, what equipment (audio and video) are you using to make the videos?


Phil Maturano

Heeyyy Paul haahahaha

how did you know that my goal was to be on that channel. Like omg it's just the best place. (fill on your own accent)

Believe it or not I don't know what cameras those are
my partner in this helped me out with his gear.
I don't follow that technology to much but it's really nice quality
that he gets. I shrink it down for net delivery. So it's a little difference in
picture quality. Not to much. Then I edit it in final cut pro.

Would be great if anyone that has the clips write a little review.
I will put that on my site!
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Phil Maturano

First review in cats:)

Review from drummer Rodney Ballard on = "Getting a Real Samba Feel"
"I have always wanted to know how to properly "stretch" and open up my playing within the samba style, while also keeping the feel authentic and consistent. Your lesson on incorporating the RTS system allows this so beautifully. Thank you for such an informative, useful and immediately applicable lesson on playing this wonderful style of music."

There is still time to request a lesson topic. Shooting tomorrow here in Germany.
Tomorrows shoot....
1) Maximizing your vocabulary
2) Specialty phrasing - Groups of seven using 16th notes
3) .....................????

I just want to tell you guys I am grateful for the support here and response to the clips.
This is a real modern /Internet way of doing things. Its very interesting.