As Promised...


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I'm popping my head out of my self-imposed exile to say that I totally dug that playing - drumming and otherwise. But you already know I go for the darker, edgier side of things and perfection isn't at the top of my criteria. Vibe is, and you're as authentic in what you're playing as I've heard.

(LOVE your snare sound too, btw)

Sure, always strive for perfection, but try not to freak out too much if you aren't hearing it in yourself.

I have studio time booked end of this month and I'm nowhere near ready for it. My time typically has dents in it, too, and it bugs me, but it doesn't always bug me in others' drumming (and certainly not in yours), so I'm going to wing it, do my best, and try to let myself off the hook if it isn't what I'd consider "ideal." For that, I'd have to hire a ghost drummer!


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Very nice, man. Really dig it. I'm with the others who say you're too hard on yourself. Great feel, nice and groovin'. Plus, it has a gritty, raw side that appeals to me. Not formulaic or overproduced sounding. Dig the drum sound a lot. Post more!


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Pretty much like the general take on it-peppy! Great potential -don't even worry about the details, cuz the spirit is what counts, and this has plenty of spirit. Don't even hesitate-it's plenty good.