Arturia Audiofuse


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Right before I purchased my recording gear, I saw a bunch of presentations by Arturia that gave me cause to hesitate. They named all of the issues with current interfaces and had a project in the works to solve all of them. They were on the cusp of a breakthrough! The "Next Generation" of interfaces. I have to say, I'm sure glad I didn't wait.

The advantage of this interface over all others appears to come in the form of a leather bound cover/hood that sits on top of it.

Being a technologist, I immediately set out to replicate this industry disrupting breakthrough and have improved upon the Arturia technology in my lab. Here is the technology retrofitted to my R16.

I also wanted to see if I could upgrade my microphones with this amazing and innovative device.

Orders begin shipping in Spring of 2015 with a $599 MSRP.