Arm length and drumming style


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Does arm length matter when it comes to a drummers style? I have 6'9" wing span I tend to like to spread my kit out give each drum and cymbal space, and go for maximum stereo effect, with lots of coordinated independence. I also think my wrists are are weak(relatively) so I avoid too much time keeping or choppy fills. I know many drummers tend to crowd their drums together and overlap cymbals and play fast with lots of snare. I think that suits some drummers better than myself.


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You have wings?!!!!

Sorry, yeah I often wonder if this makes a difference. Strangely I see a lot of really tall, gangly players 6'5 etc playing sat really low, with drums even lower than I'd have and I'm only 6'1 yet they do seem to have crashes higher and that bit further away and when I try that I feel like they're out of reach and I feel envious of the separation from a recording point of view...