Ari Hoenig


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Hey guys,

I saw Ari Hoenig last night at The Rex playing with Adam Rogers and it was incredible. His time is ridiculous, his ideas are so clever and his ability to create melodies on the drums is impressive on so many levels. I got to talk to him after the gig about his playing, where he got his ideas from and what he was working on at the moment and all that stuff. He's a really nice guy and very approachable. I bought his book, Intro To Polyrhythms, (I recommend getting it) and I managed to book a lesson with him tomorrow morning for an hour. I'm really stoked for this because he's one of my favorite drummers right now. But yeah, I wanted to hear your guys' opinions on Ari. I believe he's one of the most innovative drummers today.

What do you think of his playing?


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Let us know how the lessons goes!

I think he's great. His playing is awesome, his drums sound good, his 'melodic' playing is cool (i've heard a couple live tracks where he 'composes' melodies over blues or other short forms and they're great).

I wasn't overly impressed with the book though. When you get a chance to check out the DVD it seems like they could have spent a bit more time figuring out what they were going to say, and clueing the band into what they're going to play. It seems like Aaron Goldberg wasn't really sure what he was meant to be doing on some of the examples.

The book also seemed pretty basic, they only go through like 4 ideas, and then it's done, and it's labelled as "Vol. 1", so I'm wondering if they're going to come out with something else.

Still, Ari is a great great player.