Are you using a backrest?


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Question for all you guys using a backrest … are you leaning into it while playing, sometimes, all the time? Or do you just use it between songs?

Are you a heel up or down guy?
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I have one on my home practice throne, but I don't lean into it so much as I just have it lightly touching my back while playing - leaning into it too much let's me know my posture may be off.

In between exercises, I will lean into it a bit, just to relax, but that's not the posture I want when I'm playing.

I find it's a good thing to have when I practice for a long time.

But, when playing live or in the rehearsal room with my band, no, I use a throne without a backrest.


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I have one on my Roc-N-Soc Lunar throne. Because it's not very portable, it stays at home or goes with me on long spells to theater gigs or studio sessions away from home. I have the backrest pulled in enough that it's constant lumbar support, but not in an obtrusive way - just enough to reinforce good posture. Like beatdat said, I'll lean back on it between takes or songs. My gig throne is a Gibraltar tractor seat with no backrest, although I've considered adding one on.


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I gig a Gibraltar tractor seat with backrest and have one at church as well. I lean back only when not actually playing, but would not be without it. You have to be careful that one base leg goes straight back, or you will tip over when leaning back (so sayeth the voice of experience).

I also have one on a Tama throne, but it is so low it is useless for lounging. Pretty good lumbar support though.


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I use a Tama hydraulic throne with their backrest. It’s more like lumbar support due to its size and shape. I have it set so that it is always supporting my back; it applies very slight pressure to my lumbar area. This keeps me from slouching. I noticed when I rehearse at bandmate’s homes (kit with throne without backrest) I slouch and then fatigue much quicker. I would never go back, now.


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I use a backrest on my Ahead Spinal G. Only use it for practice at home though as it makes it awkward to transport. Does the job well though :)

C.M. Jones

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I don't use a backrest-equipped throne, but I do my best to maintain a strong core, which assists immensely with posture while drumming. Phil Collins slouched behind his kits for decades and is now paying a dear price for his negligence. When in doubt about proper posture, consult an orthopedist. "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure," as the great Benjamin Franklin warns us.


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I have a Roc-N-Soc tractor seat w/backrest. I love it - most certainly does what's expected and wouldn't be without. But I'm not gigging so don't have to be concerned about transport.
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Roc-n-Soc nitro round with no backrest. Mostly heel up and keep time with my left. Tried the backrest some time ago and it would just get in my way twisting and didn’t like it touching my back. I did try a Tama first chair with the backrest all the way down similar to a swoop on some bar stools. That was fine, but I still prefer just balancing on the seat without assistance.


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Depends what I'm playing....I have a backrest, I love it, but how much I actually use it depends on the rhythm.

I'm working on a piece with a 32nd note double kick pattern through the verse, I can barely play yet at the desired 100bpm (the 32nds are in a pattern of 7s under 4/4 hands) and I can't lean back or relax, I'm upright, heels up.
Next rhythm in the track drops to 16ths on the feet and I can play it with my metaphorical eyes closed. Chill, relax into the backrest, recover from the verse....


Re Phil Collins. I dont think leaning forward into high cymbals and drums which just seemed to high and far away helped either. I real lesson for us all. I'm middle age and had some health issues . I now use a cut down small black table chair with a dead straight back...gets a few laughs but who cares, Im comfortable.


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Buddy Rich was slouching long before Phil and he paid the price as well. Learn history, doomed to repeat, blah blah.


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I have a roc n soc with a back rest, but I don’t lean into it that much…just enough to have light pressure against my back. I fractured my spine decades ago in an downhill biking accident and while I’m at 80% of what I was, my back will start to ache without that little bit of relief


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I got my first backrest on one of my kits at home.

I like it a lot better than I thought I would.

I'm not gigging mine. It's awkward to transport.

Gigging, I try to sit with my back straight after realizing I was a sloucher. I push my navel all the way forward basically


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In between tunes. I don't like relaxing to that degree while in the thick of it. Heel up..always. I've tried it down but I'd need hypno therapy to play down consistently.


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In between tunes. I don't like relaxing to that degree while in the thick of it. Heel up..always. I've tried it down but I'd need hypno therapy to play down consistently.
Yeah, i want one for between songs also.

P.S. so i ordered one :)
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