Are you the new Phil Collins/Chester Thomspon?


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Hi All,

This might be a bit awkward to ask here but probably worth a shot…

We can't dance - the Dutch tribute to the wonderful music of Genesis is looking for a new drummer. Our drummer sadly left the band today so we are looking for someone who wants to be the new Phil Collins (but you don't have to sing…)/Chester Thompson and takes over the drumchair.

What we are looking for is someone who:
  • Loves the music of Genesis and knows the majority of songs (as we play music from the Peter Gabriel AND Phil Collins era — we are the only tribute act in the world to play Watcher of the skies and I can't dance in 1 setlist…)
  • is able to play with clicktracks (as we have drummachines on certain songs and might do things with synced video in the future
  • knows how to control his instrument
  • knows how to listen
  • has a tight timing and nice groove
  • has transport and of course his own drumkit
  • is also social, friendly and easy going (we always go out to grab a bite after rehearsals)
  • wants to make fun!
  • is from the Netherlands (but if you are willing to travel for rehearsals from Germany, Belgium, England or Luxemburg then you are welcome of course…)

We rehearse in a nice and cheap rehearsal room in Gorinchem - the Netherlands (not very far from Utrecht). Rehearsals are on Sundays but Saturdays might be a possibility. Rehearsaltimes are from 12:00 till 18:00, once in every 2 weeks (so thats usually 1-2 times a month); we grab a bite at the local grill room after rehearsals (which is usually from 18:00–20:00).

As already said, we play more or less "everything" with a focus on the newer material (which is still challenging). For demo's check out our website:

Contact us by responding here, PM, twitter, facebook, or email (info at wecantdance dot nl)

Santi Jansen (keyboardist)


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Cool, if this was in Nashville I'd be into it. I'm somewhat of a Genesis freak, I have everything they ever put out and a bunch of bootlegs. It's all pretty much memorized too since I discovered them in middle school.


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Move the band to the UK and I'd be right there... along with one of Phil's kits.....

Hope you find your PC!


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Thanks for all the wonderful responses so far! I received some very hearthwarming responses from all over the world. It's cool to see that Genesis is still very popular.

@billbachman: try; they have a torrent section on the site which is actually supported by Genesis Management (they are monitoring the place). There is lots of stuff you'll like there…