Are you still happy?


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I would tell you to do the same: get away from the news, and get into things that make you feel like you are in control. All of the "numbers" and information is inaccurate anyways in the present...we won't know the true numbers, amounts, percentages for 3-5 years, so don't get wrapped up in all of that
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I hadn't been going out much at the beginning of this year anyway. Got work to do, and that's either at my dad's house, or at my house, so I don't see more than about ten people in the course of a normal week. At least, not since March.

I definitely do miss playing gigs on the weekends, in front of actual crowds whose energy you can feed off of. I'm practicing a lot, and playing the occasional live stream show in my studio, and even though it might sound better it's not the same thing.

But I'm keeping busy with building recording equipment, and I'm currently building a 50-watt Marshall clone from a Ceriatone kit, so I've got projects to keep my mind busy. Still waiting on the transformers for that one...
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Fact of human nature that to appreciate something fully you have to know what it's like to not have it: I wouldn't appreciate the sea so much if I hadn't come from the midlands - and although I miss going out to places with music and women very much indeed, I'll appreciate them even more when they come back for the deprivation.

I've been very lucky - a lot of people's lives and livelihoods gonna be damaged for years to come though. This thing has proved to be effectively unmanageable and infinitely damaging. (Except in China ...)


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well i've caught up with a lot of movies and tv shows i wanted to watch. playing my kit has been non-existant, and all ive been able to do is play on a practice pad. ive taken up playing more video games lately keeping me occupied, latest one im playing is cyberpunk 2077.


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Well happiness is a state of mind and not a state of being. I had to put down keeping up with the science and politics of this pandemic because it was making my state of mind bleak, dark, angry. I hate that crap so I decided to be crazy and stupid so I'll fit in with everyone else that was making me angry ROFL. Naw I tend to be happy most days (my depressive episodes are rare now-I guess it got old just like I did?). I do worry about things I have no control over -so one of my mental masterbatory behaviors that achieves nothing. I try to avoid that-but I'll always be a daydreamer so I guess that's part of it.

funny that your posts are one of the places I get info about the science of this whole thing - I don't understand the nitty gritty of half of what you are saying sometimes, but you and my sister speak the same language, and she explains a lot of it to me

keep it coming!


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Being retired, I'm no affected as much as those that are still working and needing to run about, or like the young ones, having fits since the authorities have closed the bars and clubs. I'm used to wearing a mask with my woodworking, so that is no big deal either. I order my groceries on line for delivery and have met some wonderful hardworking people. As for "still" being happy, that of course presumes I was happy back in March. I take each day as it comes, for as Budha said, "no expectations, no disappointments."


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I'm fortunate that very little has changed in my day-to-day routine. No gigs and a few missed vacations over the last 9 months, but otherwise, staying at home is pretty much the norm for me. Perhaps having the book to work on and promote has kept me a bit more occupied than usual. :)

So, happy? Yes!


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Honestly, although I'm plowing forward, my mental health is not where I'd like it to be, and I say that with some surprise, as I'm historically a very resilient type who sucks up pressure, & I've navigated some tough times in my life.

It's not one thing, it's the total current global situation that's adding very significant pressure, workload, & increased responsibility for the wellbeing of many others to my business life, as well as my own fairly pessimistic outlook on overall direction of travel. The fact I can't fully engage in my music & personal life has removed a valuable safety valve.

I'm sure I'll be fine - I just need to restore balance.


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I dont eat out for similar reasons. I dont like people touching/dealing with my food. I dont know them, if they washed their hands, if my food was dropped on the floor*, they spit in it, etc. I trust very few people to prepare my food.

*I've worked in 5 restaurants. Dropped food has been served more than once in each. Keep that in mind next time you eat out.
I have always been "not very good" with people. Always been pretty much of a recluse.
I only like eating out at home. (TAKEOUT! I was talking take out)
Don't know anyone personally who has died of this, but TOO MANY HAVE! 300,000 in the US and counting!
I've seen accounts of people who did deny it, until someone they know or even themselves contract it and suffer the consequences of it, and then they change their tune. That seems far too selfish and self-centered to me.
I've said before...If there wasn't all of this pushback against science based, common sense measures, we wouldn't be where we are now.
If there's a fire, do you turn off the hose when the flame is gone? NO! It's still smoldering! MAKE SURE IT'S OUT!!!!
Do you wear a seat belt? That only protects YOU!
If someone I know died from this, unhappy would not be the word I would use.
Generally I am a lot happier than I ever was.
Regarding the fiasco that is COVID...I am angry at the idiocy that went on and still is going on strong.


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I've quit all sorts of addictions-tobacco was one of the first, then #,$,%,&,*.@,!, etc (you name it -my dad being a physician I had access as well as other sources -as well I took to chemistry early -Captain Marvel was a superhero). I quit drinking completely for a good 5-6 years but now take a drink on occasion-honestly I don't enjoy it like I did. I guess that's good. There is only one constant I started at 16-a substance you smoke and I can't talk about (though legal in many states now wink, wink). It really has been medicinal-I use to not sleep and my mind jumping all the time, and was very uptight, fidgeting, quickly get aggressive. Smoking clears my mind-sleep better, I can focus better, and I'm not an aggressive asshole. I've struggled with the moral/legal issue (always hid from kids-in fact they only discovered in recent years now they are grown) but I don't take any other medication-and this has worked better than neuropharmacological substances I was prescribed when I tried that route. It's thousands of years use seems a better record than the recent man-made ones LOL. Still I've seen it as a crutch (and ashamed of my weakness), and like most, when you get better you think"I don't need this medication anymore" so I've tried quitting numerous times. Yeah it's crazy but that's the sum of it-at least once a day-usually evening-and my brain resets.
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This period of time that called “new normal” where a face mask is a must, maintaining social distancing and many more just to keep yourself protected. This really gives me a depressed feeling deep inside. I am tired of being this way. How are you guys dealing with this kind of situation, are you still happy?

Oh man, yes!

Before COVID, I used to pay a lot of money for a house I never saw in the daylight. These days, I spend a lot of my days at home working, and I get to enjoy the house I work so hard for. Heck, we decided to put up more Christmas decorations than we have in a decade this year because we are home to enjoy it.

Church obligations are almost zilch. Every year, I stress out over our programs. This year? Almost nothing.

I've gotten to spend more time with my kids since March than I have since they were born. Granted, we spend much of our time doing homework, but any time I get with them is a good time.

I've missed gigging, but I've gigged more this year than anyone else I know. We've done a ton of outdoor stuff this year, but it has tapered off quite a bit now that it's cooled off. On the other hand, I've not really missed setting up and tearing down a drum set and PA system. I do miss the extra income.

Our band still gets together and practices once a week, and things are going well there. Working on a promo video today.

My wife and I are both essential, so we've not missed a paycheck, and for that I'm extremely grateful.

I get outside more now than I have in the past couple of years.

I don't miss my commute at all. I'm saving on gas and mileage on my truck.

I get to see the dogs every day.

I love eating at home.

I'm an introvert by nature, so I'm just soaking this up.


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That's awesome nicholas :) I lost 40

Glad i never started.. it seems unbelievably addictive from the way people talk about it.

same here...never got into that, or smoking, or drugs. I saw what all of that was doing to people I knew and wanted no part of it!!

Still don't.


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All of this surely takes a mental toll even when somethings have turned out good. I think a reset is often good to find balance-and it's easy to get out of balance. I did that in 2000 when I quit research for Mr. Mom for 8 years-I turned into a human being during that time. So that seems a silver lining. Still we are social creatures-even I who tends to be a hermit really loves to get out and socialize. Though I like being alone when I get around people I come to life and really enjoy it. I'm an affable fella and have an animated communication style (people tell me) so I can talk to about anyone. I've gotten to see immediate family which has been a saving grace, but I hug my friends (we are all getting old it could be the last time I see some)-and not being able to do so is getting old. But there is over 7.5 billion people on earth and how long will it take to vaccinate them to eradicate this virus?