Are you going to finsh strong?

Jeff Almeyda

Senior Consultant
Sometimes when I find myself fretting over my limb independence,

or my left foot this or left hand that,

or indeed when I start feeling sorry for myself about dealing with life's little zingers, fortunately there is enough inspiration around us,

which crash-lands my thinking back into perspective.

What a guy, is all I can say:
A little dose of perspective goes a long way...



Man, that's wonderful.
Got a gig tonight I was dreading - my folk rock band is playing at a big biker's pub - supporting a class metal band - uh oh!! Now I'm gonna go in there and knock 'em dead.
My friend's sister lost her husband in a car accident last week and gave birth to a son the same day by caesarian.
I got nothing to moan about.
- Anybody seen the cover of Sia's album, "Some People Have Real Problems" ?