Are you a musician stereotype?


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The idiocy hasn't transferred to the stage show yet. We've only done three gigs and the band's show's pretty boring to date. Yea Abe, I love the whole rock opera thing too, especially with a sprinkling of debauchery! The Tubes shows of the late 70's & early 80's transformed my perception of a "good night out" kinda concert. Suddenly, a Deep Purple, Rainbow, etc rock god style show seemed very bland. A photo of Richie Blackmore, taken by a friend of mine, answering his hotel room door dressed in wynceyette pyjamas killed the mystique for me.
Rock opera ... sock opera? :)

Yes, The Tubes were amazing in the early days but the cost of the show caught up with them and they had to go commercial to afford to do it, and then the stage act went as well so they ended up being just a talented AOR outfit. Their first three were wonderful and criminally underrated IMO

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Guess it depends on the situation for each drummer.

My band - the guitarist wants to rehearse to the point where me and the singer feel it's unnecessary. The songs are fine - and even though the parts are "set" - there's room to break off from them (staying within the song) - a fill here or trying a different part doesn't throw anyone off. So I like to use the energy of the live show and interject what I'm feeling into the song sometimes. But I know how to make sure the song "works" (ie "rock the socks off the audience") and nothing is screwed up.

Funny - our over-prepared guitarist - with a ridiculous amount of foot pedals and wires/etc - was the one slowing things down at our last gig: we were playing The Silverlake Lounge (cool venue, great sound, great local LA bands) and had a full house. Show up early and get all the drums/amp mic'd up - all vox mics are a "go" - relax for 20 minutes and then it's showtime. First song - big loud anthemic intro - 10 seconds in - amp cuts out - no guitar - just drums and vox...hmm....keeps cutting in & out ("'s a cable...") eventually I stop everything ("this isn't working") - get a new cable - guitarist needs 6 minutes to get everything working... (and there goes a song from the setlist) We gave him a hard time on that one.

Maybe just a different angle, but I prefer hanging with musicians who are a combination of the two stereotypes given. If they lean too far to one side of the coin, they're either total flakes or kinda douchey...


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I'm always getting pissed at the people that don't take it serious enough, or didn't practice before band practice. People that don't have their crap together.

I think I take it a bit too serious sometimes...


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my pet peeve is band practices where no one seems interested in actually learning any songs. here's a typical band practice dialogue:

guitarist: "what should we play"
bassist: "i dunno, how bout this old song"

we make a half baked stab at this old song, whatever it is...

guitarist: "that was ok, what else should we play"
bassist: "i dunno, let's get a beer"
guitarist: "ok, let's get outta here"

i've been to a million band practices like that and it's frustrating to me because i want to LEARN SONGS and GET BETTER, but a lot of times no one wants to rehearse anything we've played before and no one wants to spend the time to really solidify anything new.

it's my pet peeve. don't get me started!