Are there only two tom mount sizes?

Hey all, I recently got a second hand kit without a tom mount and am having trouble sourcing the part. I've been told by Thomann there are only two sizes of mount, 25 and 22. I have a 25 which doesn't fit into the kick so I presume I need the 22, but the measurements I'm taking from the diameter seem to be around 23+. Am I making a mistake here? I should definitely try out a 22 to make sure but I was just wondering if anyone else had a similar experience.


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All tom mounts are really fractions of an inch, but can be described to the nearest mm as well. Pearl tom arms are 7/8" diameter, which is 22mm. Yamaha tom holders have 7/8" down pipes too.
Some cheaper Pearl copies are slightly thinner - 3/4" or 19mm.
Ludwig and some other bass drum mounts have a 1" tube (25mm) while my Premier kit has a 1 1/8" tube, or 28mm. So it varies between manufacturers.

If you have a thin L arm that fits your toms, these come in three standard sizes: 1/2" (12.5mm) 7/16" (10.5mm) and 3/8" (9.5mm)