Are overpriced drums worth it ? A Defence of mapex


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Perhaps buy a high end expensive (at one time) kit that's used in good condition that you really like the sound and looks of?

That way the "overpriced drums" now are average priced, you get great sounding, well built drums that should last a lifetime if taken care of.

For example:, Ludwig legacy maple, Tama Star, Yamaha recording custom, Sonor Prolite. It's a buyer's market with this pandemic economy.
Let me know if you ever want to sell those Absolutes.

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The Mapex Saturn kit (I think) to the right of the DW Kit (mine) Are both in quilted finish. The Mapex’s are a digital print, the DW’s are a real wood veneer. Mapex Kit is going for $6500 Canadian. I paid slightly more for the DW’s. You can tell the mapex finish isn’t real from a distance. I paid more for the real veneer. Not trying to knock Mapex, but a kit like that deserves the real deal.
What is a "quilted finish"?

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The problem I have is I was one of those kids & starving artists. I used my lifesavings as a kid and instead of buying a car I bought a brand new Premier Resonator kit and a moped.

I never had a problem working, down to picking orders as a 12 year old kid any day off I could in my mom’s warehouse. I didn’t buy cigarettes or beer when I was a teenager. Even as a young adult I lived in the crappiest places with 3-4 roommates that cost me not even $300 in today’s money. Sacrifices is what it took.

All of these things add up and these kids/young adults can do the same.
Got any photos of you carrying the Premier kit on the back of that moped? 👀


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Oh, I know! "colour", "fibre", "theatre", "armour", "aluminium", "tyre".... I mean, come on can't they learn to spell proper English? I think they do it just to trip us up. The worst is how they spell "hood" and "trunk" of a car........ it's not even close! ;)
They do, whilst one bloke puts drums and hardware in the boot, and another chap checks under the bonnet to look at an engine problem.
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I don't mind paying for quality stuff. Overpriced to me is like paying €3000 for a Pearl Export (exaggerating to make a point). Sonor for example states that they are pricey, but that's because they state that they won't make sub par kits and the reason they don't make starter kits. If you want to pay for that, that's fine.


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That is a perfect example of over priced. Just because something is expensive doesn't mean it's overpriced. A more honest statement would be, that's really nice but out of my price range. It's not the manufacturers fault you're a broke ass mo fo.
Exactly. I would love to have an Ayotte one day, but those are expensive as ****. Worth it? Probably would have a drumgasm after playing it, but for that amount of money i would choose something more affordable and be happy with it as well.


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Exactly. I would love to have an Ayotte one day, but those are expensive as ****. Worth it? Probably would have a drumgasm after playing it, but for that amount of money i would choose something more affordable and be happy with it as well.
I’ve also been attracted to the Ayotte kit, but it’s the hardware that keeps me with Tama.
If you actually feel like you get your money's worth when investing a lot and want to support a certain company, that's great - go for it!
But I still don't understand how it automatically makes you a "tightwad" or a "broke ass MF" if you don't buy an expensive high end set. Everybody is free to invest their money into whatever they want, so why the insults? Why do I need to spend that much to prove something? Where is the shame in not being rich? I COULD do it but I just don't WANT $5000 tied up in a shell set that I'd worry about being damaged all the time. I'd rather go on vacation, get lessons or buy high quality food with that money.
Other people also play my drums at times and I don't want to sit there and watch if they scratch the finish a bit. The potential sound difference between let's say a Renown and a USA Custom wouldn't justify spending that much more to me - for a professional touring and recording artist that might be different but the majority of people play as a hobby and even professionals often just play "something" and don't care about the last 1% they could improve their set. As I only want two toms, add-ons are not important to me - the used market always offered something fitting in the past. Setup and hardware have never been a problem with such a small set and if something should eventually break, I wouldn't mind installing a new mount by a different brand and be done with it. I also honestly don't care for the looks of many high end sets - some of them look like an over-engineered design study for the SciFi version of "2 Fast 2 Furious". To me, drums are mainly tools and don't need to be in pristine condition - not saying that there aren't some pretty high end drums. Again, personal priorities!
Compare that with Pearl: an intrinsically beautiful name, given a beautiful script logo. It's inspiring from the outset. Mapex's logo looks knocked up by the office receptionist and the name might as well have been 'That'lldo' or 'Whatever'.
I kinda like the Mapex logo now, although it took a while to grow on me. It's weird, I'll grant you that, but it doesn't feel like an afterthought so much as a mistake.

Most of all, it took a while to grow on me because it was honestly a long time before I realized it was simply an M. I saw a bubbly if slightly annoyed Cthulhu (or Zoidberg).