Are musicians bound to be night-persons?


I have such a hard time with playing late gigs. I usually get up for work at 5 am so I'm used to waking up that early, and going to bed around 9 or 10 pm. If I have a show, I try to take off the day of the show and the day after. Otherwise I just can't do it. If I woke up at 5 am and then I go play a show I'm going to be out until 2 or 3, it's just impossible for me to stay up that late. It's been ok because I don't work full time at my day job, I haven't since 2016. I only work 3 days a week so it's usually pretty easy for me to schedule around my band stuff. But if I ever had to go back to working full time I know I wouldn't be able to play those Tuesday night shows or whatever. I just can't function with so little sleep.

I've read that it's genetic, the amount of sleep a person needs, and I've always needed a lot of it. It's just how I am.


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I'm just not a morning person and sadly the wife is so I'm a little cranky if I'm disturbed before the crack of noon when I've been out until 3 in the morning on a gig.

Provided I'm plied with breakfast meats and lots of tea I can be just about sociable the day after a gig. Other than that I need my rest and I might hit the gym in the evening.

We're all wired differently, there's us night owls and people who are up at sparrow fart (these people need help!)


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While looking up for hints and tips on working at home to improve my disciplinary struggles, everyone basically suggested beating the crowd by waking up in the early morning for maximum productivity. By that, they usually suggest 5-7am mornings.

There are already lots of scientific explanation (ie. Circadian Rhythm, etc.) that already suggest human beings live healthier and become more productive when they start their days in the morning (not late-mornings/afternoon!) I'm not qualified to explain the reasonings myself but I'm certain this is slowly becoming general knowledge by now.

But then it got me wondering: Is it possible for gigging musicians to become morning persons, without disrupting the 7-8 hour optimal sleep period?

I myself have longed to be come a morning person for quite sometime now. While I currently have a lot of flexibility with my schedule at the moment, I still think it is rather challenging for gigging musicians to be morning birds without compromising sleeping hours.

1) We can agree that majority of gigs are usually set in late-evenings to night time. Put in the setup/teardown into consideration, the job is usually done by a later timing.

2) Even if there are day gigs, I find it hard to arrange rehearsal times before dinner time. Our rehearsals are usually on weekday evenings/nights, or even weekend nights since most of my bandmates have dayjobs to fulfil, and some do shiftwork in the commercial industry (I myself work in education enrichment, so weekends are usually filled with work), so afternoon weekend rehearsals are usually out of the question.

Has anyone been able to strike a balance between being a morning person and gigging at night? I'd love to hear about how you are able to do so!
I wake Monday through Friday at 3 a.m. for work. I get home early afternoon and usually take a 1 - 2 hour nap. Back to bed by 9:30 - 10 p.m. My gigs are almost always Friday or Saturday nights, so tend to keep the same schedule and sleep in the next mornings 'till 8 or 9. I have a rep for not sticking around after gigs as you might guess. Studio work is sporadic and usually in afternoons.